Best Baby Diapers in Japan:Japanese Mom’s Review


Baby diapers take up too much space in a suitcase, and we want to travel as light as possible.

Then, it’s better to get diapers at local market.

Here are my recommendation of baby diapers in Japan, and the information about quality of each diaper like texture, absorbency, cost, breathable, etc.

Please find the best baby diaper that meets your needs.


In my opinion, moony is the best diaper for some reasons. The diaper of moony is good texture and it’s not so expensive.

The most frequently used diaper is Pampers. It is said that 70 percent of Japanese hospitals choose it as new born’s diaper.

And, if you focus on price, Mamypoko and GOO.N are cheaper than other diapers.

But, there is no big difference in price of each diaper, and the price of diaper is different depending on the store.

So, it is best to choose the right one for your child.

Please check the following information about quality of each diaper, and pick best diapers.



Because Pampers is used in 70 percent of Japanese hospitals, it is most famous diaper in Japan.

The merit of Pampers is breathable. I think Pampers isn’t softer than other diapers, but it’s gentle on baby skin because of their breathability.

Pampers is also sold in other countries, but the diapers in Japan don’t smell baby powder.


As i mentioned above, moony is my favorite diaper for my son.

The merit of moony is the texture. It’s very soft and fits baby skin.

In addition, moony has unique feature that prevents diaper leaks.

Also, you can buy moony’s diaper at a reasonable price.


It is said the breathability of Merries is excellent. Pampers’s breathability is also nice, but Merries is known as best breathable diaper.

So, Merries is good for the babies with sensitive skin.

But unfortunately, some people say Merries is easier to make diaper leaks. If you want to use this diaper for under 6 months old baby, please use with caution.


The price of GOO.N is very reasonable, and quality is pretty good.

Mamypoko is also good price, but the quality is not better than GOO.N.

Also, GOO.N’s sizes run large. But, I think around the thighs are a little bit tight.

So it’s not good for the babies with chubby thighs.


Genki! only sells pants diapers, and it’s for over 7kg babies.

They don’t spend money on advertisement, so they are not so famous in Japan.

The merit of Genki! is the softness. It is said Genki! is the softest of all of the diapers.

But unfortunately, Genki! has demerit that are the price and diaper leaks.


Mamypoko is most cheapest diaper. And the character is Mickey, so people from abroad also feel a sense of familiarity.

The price of Mamypoko is really good. But, to tell the truth, the quality is not so good.

Mamypoko is easier to make diaper leaks, and it’s not softer than other diapers.


In the end, I want to introduce the difference between Japanese and foreign diapers.

First, the smells of Japanese and foreign diapers are different.

Basically, Japanese diapers are unscented, GOO.N sells some scented diapers, though.

On the other hand, there are some scented diapers in other countries.

Next, Japanese products have yellow line on diaper, and it turns blue line when baby pees.

This is a useful feature to know the timing to change diapers.

In addition, Japanese diapers are relatively soft. So you will be satisfied with the softness of most Japanese diapers.

I wish you got helpful information about Japanese baby diapers. Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any question.


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