Shizuoka Specialty “Hamburg Steak Restaurant Sawayaka”:Great Japanese Family Restaurant

When you hear the word "Shizuoka", what do you think of? Shizuoka prefecture in Japan is famous for green tea, Mount ...

Conveyor Belt Sushi with Kids:Best Restaurants for Family

Most popular Japanese food is "sushi", so many people want to try this when visiting Japan. But sushi restaurant is m...

Must-Try Okinawa Food

Okinawa has very unique food culture that is affected by several foreign cultures. Eating out with child is sometimes...

Restaurants in Okinawa with a Toddler

We went on a trip to Okinawa for 1 week, when my son was 1 year and 4 months old. And we found nice restaurants that ...

What to Eat in Nagoya with a Toddler

Nagoya is fourth-largest city in Japan, and it's the capital of Aichi Prefecture located at the center of Honshu. The...
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