Kafuu Resort Fuchaku:Kid-Friendly Hotel in Okinawa

If you want to make awesome memories of family travel in Okinawa, I recommend you stay Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo ・ Hote...

Best Time to Visit Okinawa:Travel with a Toddler

Most of the Okinawa islands belong to the subtropical climate. So you can spend comfortably through the year, the sunshi...

OKINAWA with a Toddler:How to Enjoy Family Travel

Okinawa prefecture is very popular sightseeing spot in Japan, and Okinawa is great place for family with small children....

ATAMI with a Baby:How to Enjoy Family Travel

Atami city is one of the most popular hot spring spot in Japan. This city is in Shizuoka prefecture that is located betw...

IWATE with a Baby:How to Enjoy Family Travel

This trip to Iwate was the second time my son went outside of the prefecture we live. He was 8 months, and he ate baby f...

NARA with a Baby or Toddler:How to Enjoy Family Travel

Nara prefecture is part of the Kansai, about 3 hours from Tokyo station to Kintetsu Nara Station. Many historic temples ...
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