Conveyor Belt Sushi with Kids:Best Restaurants for Family


Most popular Japanese food is “sushi”, so many people want to try this when visiting Japan.

But sushi restaurant is mostly expensive. And we feel awkward if children make a lot of noise in fancy restaurants.

Then, I recommend you go to conveyor belt sushi restaurant that’s called “Kaiten Sushi” in Japan.


Good things about conveyor belt sushi are as follows.

・The price is affordable.
・Most kaiten sushi restaurants are very family friendly.
・There are not only raw fish, but also many cooked foods.

Children’s immune systems are not fully developed under 2 or 3 years-old. So, raw fish may carry risks of food-borne illness.

In conveyor belt sushi restaurant, adults can eat sushi, and children can eat cooked food like noodle, egg dishes, fried vegetables, etc.


The manner of conveyor belt sushi restaurant is different from common restaurants.

In conveyor belt sushi restaurant, you should help yourself to anything you want.

If you find the dish that you want, you take it from the conveyor belt.

And, if you can’t find the dish that you want, you should order it using tablet that’s equipped with every seat.

The tablet has multiple language options, so you can order if you don’t speak Japanese.

The ordered dish is placed on the conveyor belt with a colored plate to distinguish other customer order.

When you finish eating, choose “Account” or “Call chef/Check out” on the tablet. After that, the staff come your table and count your stacked plates.


If you go to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant with child under 3 years old, I recommend you feed the child cooked food.

There are some sushi that include cooked food, but you should avoid sushi just in case.

The recommended menu for kids is as follows.

・Japanese omelette
・Fried potato
・Miso soup


My favorite kaiten sushi restaurant is “スシロー(Sushiro)”. Sushiro offers good-quality raw fish, and it is very fresh.

On the other hand, “かっぱ寿司(Kappa Sushi)” offers kids-friendly dish. But their raw fish quality is not so great.

(Kappa Sushi has baby food menu.)

In addition, “はま寿司(Hamazushi)” offers sushi at the lowest price on weekdays.

“くら寿司(Kurazushi)” is also popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant, and it offers very unique food.

Each restaurant has their good things, but I recommend Sushiro if you want to eat delicious sushi.

Also, all conveyor belt sushi restaurants are crowded on weekends. You should go there on weekdays if it’s possible.

Could you get helpful information about conveyor belt sushi restaurant? Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any question.


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