How to Protect Your Child from Mosquito in Japan


Mosquitoes in Japan increase rapidly in early summer and autumn.

The chances of getting a disease from a mosquito is very low in Japan.

But mosquito bites very itch and swell, and it isn’t good for baby’s tender skin.

So it’s better to prevent mosquito bites.


Mosquito season in japan is early summer and autumn, because mosquitoes are very active from 22 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.

And they are active above 15 degrees Celsius, so there are some mosquitoes in early spring.

Summer in Japan is very hot, so mosquitoes hide during the daytime. But they are active and bite in the evening.

That means you should prevent mosquito bites except in winter.

So, if you travel Japan while mosquitoes are active, you should know how to protect your child from mosquito bite.


Body temperature of child is higher than adult, so it is easy to become a target of mosquito.

Then, what should you do for your child?

First of all, to prevent mosquito is very important.


You can buy several mosquito repellents at Japanese drugstores.

If you can’t find it, please ask store clerk.

English:Do you have mosquito repellents?
Japanese:蚊よけアイテムはありますか?(KAYOKE ITEM HA ARIMASUKA?)

And, there are several anti-bug items that isn’t effective to prevent mosquitoes. For example, the below repellent spray looks nice for child, but it doesn’t work against mosquitoes.

So, you should ask store clerk the following phrases too.

English:Does it prevent mosquitoes?
Japanese:これは蚊に効果がありますか?(KORE HA KA NI KOUKA GA ARIMASUKA?)

>Yes, it does. はい、効果があります。(HAI KOUKA GA ARIMASU)
No, it doesn’t. いいえ、効果がありません。(IIE KOUKA GA ARIMASEN)

In addition, I recommend the following mosquito repellent, if you use it for child.

“虫よけティッシュ(MUSHIYOKE TISSUE)” is a wet towel that prevents mosquitoes.

You don’t need to worry about inhaling mosquito repellents, because it isn’t spray. It contains 20 sheets, and about 200 yen.

Also, please follow the below rules for child, if you use “虫よけティッシュ(MUSHIYOKE TISSUE)”.

・Don’t use it for babies under 6 months old.
・Use it once a day for 6 months old to 1 year and 11 months old.
・Use it once or twice or three times a day for 2 years old to 12 years old.


It is said that dark color attract mosquitoes. So you should dress your child in light colors, like white or yellow.

And if it is possible, you should choose long-sleeve and long pants for your child. You can buy a thin hoody at baby products shops in Japan.


If your child get mosquito bite, it’s better to apply remedy for mosquito bites early.

I usually use “ムヒ・ベビーb(MUHI BABY B)” for my son. It is effective to stop the itching, prevent heat rash, moist eczema, etc.

You can use it for baby face, and it doesn’t contain steroid.

Could you get helpful information about mosquito bites? Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any question.


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