Baby Kimono “Jinbei” is Good for Japanse Souvenir


Selecting souvenir for family can be fun, but it’s sometimes hard.

Especially, babies can’t tell what they want. Then, what should we choose for babies?

I highly recommend baby kimono “Jinbei”.


Jinbei is a kind of casual summer kimono, and it was known as home-wear for men, but nowadays jinbei is worn by boys, girls, and even babies too.

This clothing is very comfortable, airy and light. So it’s good for Japanese summer.

Most adults wear jinbei for summer festival. But kids and babies wear it on a normal day too.

Also, jinbei is good for baby pajamas.


You can find many different kinds of jinbei at baby stores in summer. Especially, “アカチャンホンポ(AKACHAN HONPO)” has a great selection.

I bought two pieces of jinbei at “アカチャンホンポ(AKACHAN HONPO)”. Both of them are so cute!

Also, grandma gave my son very cool jinbei with his name on it. She bought it at Kyoto souvenir shop.

Jinbei is classified into “rompers” or “pants”. Rompers usually have snaps at the crotch for diaper changing.

I like rompers of jinbei, because it is so adorable.


You can dress your child in jinbei very easily.

Jinbei is like a casual kimono, so you don’t have to pulled over your baby’s face.

Also, jinbei isn’t complicated like kimono. Please check the below pictures.

First, put jinbei on your child, and wrap child’s right side and tie in place. Then wrap the left side over the right and tie. Lastly, fasten snap buttons or wear pants.

Could you get helpful information about jinbei? Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any question.


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