Lamington National Park with a Toddler:How to Enjoy Family Travel in Gold Coast


We stayed in Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast for 2 weeks, and we visited Lamington National Park during our stay.

I thought it’s easy access to the national park from Surfers Paradise, but a little harder than I thought. It takes one hour and a half, and you have to drive a narrow mountain road it makes me carsick.

I recommend you prepare some toys, snacks, tablet for kids to get rid of boredom.

Anyway, Lamington National Park is awesome place, and you should go if you visit Queensland. There are many large trees and it makes me feel appeased.


Lamington National Park is famous for O’Reilly’s Tree Top Walk.

It’s 9 suspension bridges and 16 meters above ground. My son walked on the bridges but he was not scared of that.

Also, you can climb to a massive fig tree and enjoy a view from a deck 30 meters above ground. My husband climb to the top of the deck, but I was too scared to climb.


Lamington National Park is really nice place, but travel time is very long for kids. So I recommend you stop by DJ Smith Park.

It takes about 40 minutes from Lamington National Park, and it’s between Lamington National Park and Surfers Paradise. Playing at park would make child’s mind refreshed.

Address:1-3 Kidston St Canungra, Queensland

In addition, there are some restaurants around DJ Smith Park, there are O’Reilly’s Mountain Cafe and Gift Shop at the entrance of Lamington National Park, though.

Could you get helpful information about Lamington National Park? Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any question.


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