Must Buy Children’s Items at 100 Yen Shop:Daiso and Seria


Have you ever been to 100 yen shop in Japan?

If you haven’t, I really recommend you go there and buy some children’s items.

Here are the information about some items that you should buy, and difference between Seria and Daiso.


Most 100 yen shops have a baby goods corner, and you can buy many reasonable baby items there.



For example, there are baby tableware, cookware, bibs, and toys.

If you forget to bring some baby items, you can buy it as disposable items.


100 yen shop is the best place to get small toys.

There are many different kinds of toys, and you will be surprised at the quality and price.



My favorite item is a magnetic drawing board. It’s easy to carry because it’s not so big.

(I bought the magnetic drawing board at Daiso.)


You can also buy books for 100 yen.

At Daiso, you can find picture books as follows.

Also, there are some sticker books too.

(I bought the sticker book at Seria, but you can also find some sticker books at Daiso.)


There is a difference between Seria and Daiso, both of them are very famous 100 yen shop, though.

From my perspective, Daiso’s items are good-quality, and Seria’s items are sophisticated.

If you want to use items for a long time and you think quality is more important than appearance, you should choose Daiso.

But if you want items that look good, and use it as disposable items, Seria is perfect for you.

In addition, Daiso has some items that aren’t 100 yen.

If the item isn’t 100yen, it is written on the label. So please check the label before you go to the register.

Could you get helpful information about 100 yen shop? Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any question.


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