OKINAWA with a Toddler:How to Enjoy Family Travel


Okinawa prefecture is very popular sightseeing spot in Japan, and Okinawa is great place for family with small children.

This prefecture is Japan’s southernmost prefecture, and it has several small islands.

Okinawa Island is largest island, and it is easy to access from Tokyo, Osaka, etc.

If you travel with toddler, I think Okinawa Island is better than other small islands of Okinawa prefecture.

Please check the following sightseeing spots in Okinawa Island.


Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is one of the most famous spots in Okinawa. It takes about 2 hours by car from Naha airport.

You can watch two whale sharks and a lot of beautiful fish in a large tank. This experience will encourage your children’s curiosity.
churaumi suizokukan
In addition, you can watch a dolphin show without entering the hall, so it is free of charge.

Also, if you want to get the tickets of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium at a discounted price, you should buy it in advance.

You can buy it at hotels, convenience stores and roadside rest areas.The roadside rest area “Onna No Eki Market” sells the tickets at the cheapest prices.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is very family-friendly place. There are nursing rooms, baby changing tables and rental stroller service.

【Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium】
Address:424 Ishikawa, Motobu, Kunigami District, Okinawa 905-0206

【Onna No Eki Market】
Address: 1656-9 Nakadomari, Onna, Kunigami District, Okinawa 904-0415


Kouri Ocean Tower is an observation deck that you can watch beautiful emerald green sea.

You go up the observation deck with the golf cart, and I bet your child will like this.

There are small kid’s area, baby changing tables, rental stroller service. Unfortunately, there is not nursing room.

You can also enjoy shell museum and shopping. There are many delicious souvenirs, and some of them are exclusive items of Kouri Island.

In addition, there are restaurant and cafe. To be honest, the taste is good but not great. But you can enjoy the great view while eating, so it’s worth trying.

Address:538 Kouri, Nakijin, Kunigami District, Okinawa 905-0406


Bios Hill is a botanical garden it contains water buffalo rides, kayaking, playground, and touching animals.
Bios on the hill
When you are stressed out, I recommend that you enjoy and relax in nature of Bios Hill.

There are some baby changing facilities, rental stroller service. But, they don’t have a nursing room.

Address:961-30 Ishikawa Kadekaru, Uruma, Okinawa 904-1114


Xystus Kidsland is large indoor playground for kids.

There are slides, swings, rock climbing walls, a baby space, etc. Also, you can use a relaxation room for adult.

Of course, they have some nursing rooms and baby changing tables.

In addition, there is a small restaurant that serves very reasonable meal.

If you want to amuse your child, I really recommend you go to Xystus Kidsland.

This kidsland doesn’t have age limit, but you should bring socks for 19 months old to 19 years old.

Address:504-2 Esu, Uruma, Okinawa 904-2244


If your child likes animals, I recommend Okinawa Children’s World Zoo and Museum.

There are many animals that includes elephants, giraffes, lions, etc.

Also, your child can enjoy rides, like a merry-go-round and mini train.

In addition, Wonder Museum in Okinawa Children’s World is good for small child. It will stimulate your child.

Address:5 Chome-7-1 Goya, Okinawa 904-0021

Did you find helpful information about Okinawa? If you some questions, please comment or contact with me.


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