Q1 Resort & Spa with a Toddler:How to Enjoy Family Travel in Gold Coast


We stayed in Q1 Resort & Spa for 16 days with 1 year-old son. (From 14th May 2019 to 30th May 2019.)

This building is great access to beach, shopping mall, and has clean and large rooms, but not too expensive.

I would like to share personal experiences and information of Q1 Resort & Spa. Please check the following contents.


We chose 1-Bedroom apartment without cleaning service. The room price is about 1,870 AUD for 16 days.

Living room

Living room is carpeted, so it is safe if kids slip and fall.

Indoor terrace


There is a king size bed, and it is enough for 2 adults and 1 child.

But my son doesn’t used to sleep on bed, so we bought a bed for child at K mart. (Light up kids bed 19 AUD)

Also, we wanted to order high chair and stroller for my child, but Q1 stuff said we should order it to rental service company by myself.

I checked the website of rental service, and it’s very expensive. So we stayed for 16 days without high chair and stroller.



There are gas stove, oven, microwave, kitchenware, tableware and dishwasher.

The dishwasher is large and it has child lock that helps us a lot.


Also, there are washing machine and dryer. I think the washing machine and dryer are old model, but it is usable without problem.


Bathtub with jacuzzi (We used it only once, though.)


We were worried how we discard our trash including diapers. But, the rule of Q1 is very easy.

We should dispose of garbage in the garbage chute that is located on every floor. And, you can use the garbage chute anytime.

In addition, Q1 resort provides free WiFi that you can use in your room, lobby and pool areas.

The Wifi is almost fine, but my laptop was really slow when I was using iCloud.

Could you get helpful information about Q1 Resort & Spa? Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any question.


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