Delicious Restaurants along Musgrave Avenue:How to Enjoy Family Travel in Gold Coast


There are many awesome restaurants along Musgrave Avenue in Gold Coast. I went several restaurants and shops along this street with my 1 year-old son, and some of them are very nice.

Here are my recommendations of restaurants that you should go. I bet you can find delicious food here.


Daark Espresso Bar is a cafe restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, cakes, and takeaway food.

They are family-friendly and have great atmosphere. There are some high chairs for kids. We went there for lunch, and chose outdoor seating.

The food looks great and it was really tasty. I’d like to go there every day if I live in Gold Coast.

We ordered the following foods, and it was more than enough. My son ate Toasted banana bread and Poached chicken salad. I especially like taste of Cherry tomato and avocado bruschetta.

・Toasted banana bread(5.5 AUD)
・Cherry tomato and avocado bruschetta(16.9 AUD)
・Southern fried chicken & belgian waffles(22.5 AUD)
・Poached chicken salad(18.9 AUD)

Some of them are breakfast menu, but you can choose it at lunch time. In addition, they have gluten free options and vegetarian-friendly food.

Address: 2, 41 Musgrave Avenue, Labrador, QLD 4215


If you go near to Musgrave Avenue, I also recommend Charlie de Cod.

It is fish and chips restaurant, and they serve delicious and reasonable food. Especially, fisherman’s basket is very tasty and good price(13 AUD).

Also, if you like prawn, you should order extra prawn cutlets. That’s very nice.

This restaurant is not so family-friendly. But you can choose takeaway, so I think it’s helpful for parents.

We love this place, so we went there twice during our stay.

Address: 30 Musgrave Avenue, Southport QLD 4215


5B2F Bakehouse is a bakery that serve awesome cakes, bread, pie, etc.

My husband ordered the below cake and it is the best cake we’ve ever had in our life.

We’re amazed and we went there twice during our stay. I already miss it 🙁

Address: 55 Brooke Ave, Southport QLD 4215

Could you get helpful information about restaurants along Musgrave Avenue? Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any question.


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