Shizuoka Specialty “Hamburg Steak Restaurant Sawayaka”:Great Japanese Family Restaurant


When you hear the word “Shizuoka”, what do you think of?

Shizuoka prefecture in Japan is famous for green tea, Mount Fuji, and eel. Of course, they are great, but I want you to know a hamburg steak restaurant “Sawayaka”.

The hamburg of Sawayaka can only be enjoyed in Shizuoka prefecture.


Sawayaka is very particular about taste and quality of meat. We can taste hamburg steak cooked medium rare, because the meat is very fresh.
Yaizu, Shizuoka
They serve many kinds of dishes, but most popular food is “Genkotsu hamburg steak”. The Japanese word “Genkotsu” means “fist”.

Also, “Onigiri hamburg steak” is popular food too.

You can choose demi-glace sauce or onion sauce for hamburg steak, and the onion sauce is much better than demi-glace sauce.

In addition, I recommend you eat the hamburg steak only with salt and pepper at first bite. The salt and pepper are placed on each table.


“Genkotsu hamburg steak” and “Onigiri hamburg steak” are cooked medium rare, so it’s not good for kids.

Fortunately, Sawayaka has many kinds of kids food that includes baby food and allergy-friendly food.

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Besides the kids food, there are many family-friendly food like Japanese risotto, french fries, doria, spinach and corn, etc.


SAWAYAKA, The famous hamburger steak restaurant
Sawayaka has 32 restaurants in Shizuoka prefecture, and you can’t find it in other prefecture.

Some of them are close to station, but others are not.

So, if you’d like to know the restaurant that close to train station, please check the website or ask me anytime.

Website:’s not English website. Please use a translate system.)

I wish you got helpful information about Sawayaka. Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any question.


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