Best Takeaway Restaurants in Gold Coast:How to Enjoy Family Travel


We stayed in Gold Coast for 17 days last month, and it was first foreign travel for my son. I think he likes Australian food, but eating out every day is difficult for him.

So we sometimes cook in our hotel room, and we also bought some takeaway. Fortunately, there are many delicious takeaway restaurants in Gold Coast.

Please check the following awesome restaurants I recommend for parents with kids.


Charlie de Cod is a restaurant that serve delicious fish and chips. Especially, fisherman’s basket is very tasty and reasonable(13 AUD).

My son also loves the fish and chips. He ate more than expected.

I really recommend the prawn cutlet. It is included in Fisherman’s basket, but there is only 1 prawn cutlet. So you should order extra cutlets.

Address: 30 Musgrave Ave, Southport QLD 4215


Noodle Box is largest franchised noodle restaurant in Australia. They serve fried noodle and fried rice that’s taste of Asia.

Even for me as a Japanese, the food of Noodle Box is very nice. We ate there twice during our stay.

I recommend the noodle of “COMBINATION” that includes pork, beef, chicken, prawns and shrimp with fresh veggies. The taste of oyster sauce is delicious.

We ordered 1 small size(10.95 AUD or 11.95 AUD) and 1 regular size (14.95 AUD or 15.95 AUD), and it’s enough for 2 adults and 1 year old kid.

In addition, we found Noodle Box in Gold Coast airport, but the price was higher than other shops. So, please be careful.



There are 3 shops of Three Kings Pizza in Gold Coast. (Surfers Paradise, Parkwood, and Mermaid Waters) And it is said they will new open in Upper Coomera too.

They serve wide variety of pizza, and the servings are generous.




Three Kings Pizzaさん(@3kingspizza)がシェアした投稿

We ordered Gourmet Seafood. It’s cream brandy base pizza, and includes spanish onions, shallots, prawns, ocean trout, calamari, and mozzarella.

The price was 23.90 AUD for large size, and it was too large for 2 adults and 1 year old kid.

Surfers Paradise:3003 t3b q1 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise
Parkwood:310 Olsen Avenue, Parkwood
Mermaid Waters:Shop 12, 64 Karbunya Street, mermaid waters

Could you get helpful information about takeaway restaurants in Gold Coast? Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any question.


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