What to Eat in Nagoya with a Toddler


Nagoya is fourth-largest city in Japan, and it’s the capital of Aichi Prefecture located at the center of Honshu.

There may be some people that may not find Nagoya attractive, because Nagoya isn’t popular than Tokyo, Osaka, et cetera.

But I’m sure you’ll like this city, if you try Nagoya food.


Nagoya city is famous for unique local Nagoya cuisine that has unique features.

Nagoya cuisine often uses red miso, it’s made only from beans and salt.

For example, Misonikomi Udon noodles(stewed miso udon noodle) and Misokatsu(pork cutlet) use red miso.

山本屋本店@中日ビル(Misonikomi Udon includes chicken, egg, green onion, shiitake mushroom and miso-flavored dashi.)

(At the bottom of the below photo is Tonkatsu, and at the top of the below photo is Misokatsu. Tonkatsu is commonly eaten in Japan, but both Tonkatsu and Misokatsu are really good.)Waraji Tonkatsu, Misokatsu Yabaton, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, 味噌炸豬排, わらじとんかつ, 矢場炸豬排, 名古屋名物, みそかつ, 矢場とん, 名古屋名物みそかつ 矢場とん, 名古屋, なごやし, 愛知縣, 愛知県, あいちけん, 日本, にっぽん, にほん

“Yamamotoya Sohonke” is very famous for Misonikomi Udon. And “Misokatsu Yabaton” is great restaurant to eat Misokatsu.

Both of them have several restaurants in Nagoya city, and one of them is in Meitetsu Department Store, it’s very close to Nagoya station.

This department store is family-friendly, and equipped with nursing rooms, baby changing tables.

Yamamotoya Sohonke and Misokatsu Yabaton are crowded on weekends. But both of restaurants are worth trying.

Misokatsu Yabaton

Yamamotoya Sohonke
Website:http://yamamotoya.co.jp/(This restaurant doesn’t have English website.)

Meitetsu Department Store


Taiwanese food is popular in Nagoya. So, there are many foods that name includes “Taiwan”.

For example, Taiwan ramen is loved by local people. If you try Taiwan ramen, I recommend “Misen”.

Misen has 9 restaurants in Nagoya city. Misen JR Nagoyaeki-ten is in Nagoya station, so it’s very easily accessible.

味仙(The above picture is Taiwan Ramen of Misen. The ramen is spicy, so please choose another menu for your child.)

Website:http://www.misen-ganso.jp/(This restaurant doesn’t have English website.)


Kiharutei is my favorite restaurant in Nagoya city. This restaurant serve Nagoya foods, original dishes and macrobiotic cuisine.

The Restaurant’s specialty is Shachihoko-Don that is inspired by Shachihoko(mythical carp).


The above picture is Shachihoko, and the below picture is Shachihoko-Don.

(The below picture is Ebikatsu that I especially like. You can enjoy both of pork and shrimp.)

(The below picture is Manza. Manza is original dish of Kiharutei)
Unfortunately, they are not “very family-friendly”, because there are no baby chairs and no kid menu.

But I can highly recommend this restaurant cuisine, and the staff show customer kindness in so many different ways.

Address:5 Chome-21-6 Chiyoda, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0012
Access info:10 minutes walk from Tsurumai Station
Website:http://kiharutei.com/(This restaurant doesn’t have English website.)


Osu Shopping District is very unique and interesting place. The area more than 1,200 shops and restaurants.

You can enjoy dishes of various countries, and all the restaurants are delicious and reasonable.

If you want to know Nagoya more deeply, you should go to there!

Osu Shopping District
Address::Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0000
Access Info:3 minutes walk from Kamimaezu Station on the subway Meijo Line


Yukari is a kind of Shrimp Rice Cracker. This cracker is very rich in flavour.

And, Yukari is my husband’s most favorite snack. This snack is a little bit expensive, but it’s worth it.

You can buy Yukari at Nagoya station, Meitetsu Department Store and many souvenir shops.


I’m glad if I could help you decide what to eat in Nagoya city.

Nagoya city is not so popular, but there are many attractive spots, like “Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens” or “Nagoya Castle”.

I hope you have a great time on your trip.


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